New York Custody Law: A Plain-English Guide for Parents

Custody disputes are among the most difficult and most unfortunate legal matters. Too often adults in a custody dispute make themselves and their conflict the main considerations and driving forces in a custody case. This usually results in children suffering as a consequence of the conflict between their parents. Even good parents can get draw into a conflict and lose sight of how their conduct can harm their children. Knowledge about the numerous issues presented by child custody matters as well as the process and pitfalls of custody litigation can help parents better navigate their way through this complex and emotional process. Attorney Anthony G. Buono has more than 20 years of experience handling custody litigation. With this book he offers parents a plain-English guide to New York custody law. This book explains custody issues in the context of the laws of New York State in a manner that will allow parents to better understand the advice of their attorney as well as ask better questions of their attorney. This book is meant to supplement, but not replace, legal representation.