Uncontested Divorce

Not all divorces are contested or litigated.

Many people choose to have an uncontested divorce. The parties may be able to agree to get divorced and agree to the resolution of the issues between them. The parties may not have the money to litigate. Whatever the case, an uncontested divorce can be done entirely “on papers”. This means that no appearances at Court are required. This results in a significant savings of time and money.

Anthony Buono has represented clients in many uncontested divorces. As part of this process he prepares a separation agreement as well as all of the many papers that are required for a divorce. Even an uncontested divorce requires all of the formal requirements of a contested divorce. This includes various forms that must be filed with the Supreme Court and the County Clerk and served upon the other party.

Anthony Buono helps clients with uncontested divorces in an efficient and cost effective manner. He offers the most value to clients with uncontested divorces by making sure that it is done right the first time. Errors with child support, property distribution, missing forms and other common mistakes made by individuals who attempt to represent themselves or those with inexperienced attorneys who file uncontested divorces sometimes cost far more than having an experienced divorce attorney prepare the uncontested divorce in the first place.