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Visitation or Parenting Time by A Non-Custodial Parent

Visitation refers to the time that the non-custodial parent has with their child.  More accurately, this should be called parenting time, since this is the non-custodial parent’s time to parent their child. In a 2006 report from the Unified Court

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Residential Custody and the Separation of Siblings

We continue our exploration of custody matters today with a brief discussion of residential custody and the separation of siblings.  As a general rule, courts are reluctant to separate siblings and will not do so unless there is an “overwhelming

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Split or Joint Residential Custody

A growing trend in New York is split or joint residential custody of children.  This is an arrangement in which the child or children spend equal time, or roughly equal time, with both parents.  This is done through something as

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Residential Custody Generally

There are two types of custody to be considered.  First is residential custody; this is with whom the children will reside.  Second is legal custody; this is who will have the authority to make decisions for the children. Residential or

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The Obligations and Responsibilities of Joint Legal Custody

Joint legal custody creates certain obligations and responsibilities of parents.  Joint legal custody requires that parents cooperate with each other for the benefit of their child or children.  Joint legal custody imposes upon the parents an obligation to behave in

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Legal Custody

We continue our exploration of child custody matters with a review of custody terms.  We start with “Legal Custody.”  Legal custody is the authority of a parent to make decisions for their child.  These include, but are not limited to,

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