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Modification of a Custody Order: Part 2 – Change of Circumstances

Today we begin our exploration of the modification of a custody order.  The primary consideration in any custody matter is the best interest of the child.  With that in mind, a court will order the modification of a custody order

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Overnight Parenting Time

In some cases a non-custodial parent will be limited to daytime parenting time only and will not be given overnight parenting time with a child. This is the exception and not the rule. There are a couple of fairly common

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Parenting Schedules for Children

There is no fixed rule as to what is or is not an appropriate parenting schedule and no schedule is perfect.  Nevertheless, there are some schedules that are more common than others because they fit the reality of everyday life

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Parenting Time and Reasonable and Meaningful Access

A non-custodial parent has the right to “reasonable and meaningful access” to their child or children.  To the extent that the parties can agree to what is a fair and balanced parenting schedule that give the non-custodial parent and child

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Visitation or Parenting Time by A Non-Custodial Parent

Visitation refers to the time that the non-custodial parent has with their child.  More accurately, this should be called parenting time, since this is the non-custodial parent’s time to parent their child. In a 2006 report from the Unified Court

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Residential Custody and the Separation of Siblings

We continue our exploration of custody matters today with a brief discussion of residential custody and the separation of siblings.  As a general rule, courts are reluctant to separate siblings and will not do so unless there is an “overwhelming

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