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A Closer Look at New York’s New Maintenance Law – Part 2: Applying New York’s New Temporary Maintenance Law

This is the second in a series of articles about New York’s new maintenance law.  So far we have discussed that New York’s new temporary maintenance law has two variations, which depend on whether or the payor will be paying

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A Closer Look at New York’s New Maintenance Law – Part 1

New York State’s New Maintenance Law changes the way courts must address temporary and post-divorce maintenance.  This may be the most important development in New York domestic relations law in many years.  This series of articles will examine the new

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More on New York’s New Maintenance Law

Significant revisions to New York’s maintenance laws start taking effect this month.  These revisions affect how courts will calculate temporary and post-divorce maintenance.  They may have a major impact on New York divorces. New York’s new maintenance law is the

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New York’s New Maintenance Law

Our illustrious Governor has signed the new maintenance law this past Friday.  The new Temporary Maintenance provisions included in this law will go into effect on October 25, 2015.  The balance of the law, including a new post-divorce maintenance formula,

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Temporary Maintenance Cannot Be Paid in Eggs, Produce and Vegetables

New York adopted temporary maintenance guidelines in 2010.  Since their introduction these guidelines have been the source of a significant amount of litigation.  The statute contains a formula for the calculation of the presumptive amount of temporary maintenance.  It also

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