Apple’s iPhones are sold on prolific numbers and marketed upon their many features that are meant to make our lives easier or just amuse us. One iPhone feature, which is not pitched as a selling point, is an app called “Find my Phone.” This app allows you to find your phone using another device by checking the iCloud. In fact, using the iCloud you can track any devices tied to your Apple account including iPods, iPads and lap top computers.

This application is helpful if you think your phone has been lost or stolen. Some robberies even have been solved and muggers arrested by police using this app. This is the positive side of this technology. However, it has some more subtle applications.

The implications in matrimonial and domestic relations cases are significant. The first thing that comes to mind is; that now it is quite simple to track a spouse to see if they are where they are supposed to be, or where they say that they are.

Now that New York has no-fault divorce, legally there really is no need to try to prove
adultery. However, this ability to track another party maybe very significant in many other ways, not the least of which is to find out if the other party is cheating. I expect that in these practical applications, rather than legal or in court applications, this technology will be most significant.

It is important to remember that this is technology over which we have control. If you are concerned about having your movements tracked by your phone, you can modify the settings on your phone or other electronic device to disable this type of tracking. If you are concerned about your spouse not being honest with you about their whereabouts, this technology provides a tool for you to use.