The Rights of Children

When discussing custody of children, the first consideration always should be the child or children.  Too often the adults make themselves and their conflict, pride and dysfunction, the main considerations and driving forces in custody cases.  This usually results in the child or children suffering as a result of the conflict between the adults.  Even [Read More]

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Some Friendly Holiday Advice

It is that time of the year again.  The holidays are here.  Or are they the "hellidays"?  Too often separated or divorced parents let their conflicts spoil the holiday season for their children. Every year I see too many people fighting over holiday visitation.  Most of it is not about the kids enjoying the holiday [Read More]

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So You Believe In Ghosts

So you believe in ghosts. Judging by the recent success and popularity of television shows such as TAPS, Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Ghostly Encounters and The Haunted Collector, you probably are not alone. So it is not all that surprising that a parent's interest in ghosts and the paranormal has come up as an [Read More]

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