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Temporary Maintenance Cannot Be Paid in Eggs, Produce and Vegetables

New York adopted temporary maintenance guidelines in 2010.  Since their introduction these guidelines have been the source of a significant amount of litigation.  The statute contains a formula for the calculation of the presumptive amount of temporary maintenance.  It also

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What a Trainwreck

After seventeen years laboring in the pit of despair that is the Family Court, I know that I have not seen it all, not do I ever wish to.  However, there is not too much that shocks me anymore.  Nevertheless,

Child Support: Inheritance as Income

In New York a court must consider all of a parent’s resources in determining an appropriate amount of child support.  So an inheritance or a gift can be counted as income or as a resource available for purposes of calculating

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Child Support: Proving Cash Income

In some support cases or divorces we encounter a situation where a party is self-employed or has cash income and they fail to report all of their income on their income tax returns.  In these cases it is a real

Preparing a Financial Disclosure Statement

When you prepare a financial disclosure statement for court you need to be very careful.  On a Financial Disclosure Affidavit for Family Court or a Statement of Net Worth for a divorce action accuracy is very important.  You can hurt

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous. Today more people are marrying for the first time at an older age. There are more second and third marriages because of high divorce rates and longer life expectancies. For

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