New York State Parent Education & Awareness Program

All too often kids are the victims in divorces and custody battles.  Protecting kids from the conflict between their parents is among the most important things parents can do for their children.  There are some resources available to help parents with this.  One of these is the State of New York Parent Education and Awareness [Read More]

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Cutting Your Losses

As many of you know, I am a volunteer firefighter. Over the years I have found that periodically my legal training and experience offers lessons for the fire service and conversely my fire service training and experience offer lessons for the practice of law. One of these fire service lessons that has helped me approach [Read More]

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What is the Collaborative Divorce Process?

The Collaborative Divorce Process is a cooperative process in which a separating or divorcing couple, with the assistance of their attorneys, work together to negotiate the best outcome for both parties and their children. The process is based on a voluntary and free exchange of information, the parties pledge not to go to court and [Read More]

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