The Collaborative Divorce Process is a cooperative process in which a separating or divorcing couple, with the assistance of their attorneys, work together to negotiate the best outcome for both parties and their children.

The process is based on a voluntary and free exchange of information, the parties pledge not to go to court and their commitment to finding resolutions that recognize both parties’ interests. A Collaborative Divorce involves a commitment to address all issues without threatening language or resorting to expensive court proceedings.

The Collaborative Divorce Process is designed to be less confrontational than traditional divorce models. Through the Collaborative Divorce Process, clients are better able to focus on the important issues because stress and anxiety are reduced in a non-confrontational environment. It is also a more private process since there are not court filings or court appearances. The Collaborative Divorce Process also gives control of the process to the parties. Settlements are reached by the parties and not forced upon them.

The non-combative atmosphere of the Collaborative Divorce Process diminishes hostilities. This process allows the parties to maintain what remains of their relationship to work cooperatively during the process, as well as in future matters involving finances, and most importantly, their children.

Couples who are determined to be respectful to each other and their children as their marriage ends should consider the Collaborative Divorce Process. Also, couples who are determined to spare themselves and their children the pain of litigation as their marriage ends should consider the Collaborative Divorce Process. It is not for everyone. But for those who chose the Collaborative Divorce Process, it can make the painful and expensive process of divorce more manageable.