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Swapping Facebook Passwords in a Divorce

In November 2011 a Connecticut Judge made national news when he ordered a divorcing couple to exchange their passwords for Facebook and dating websites.  More than a year has passed since this made news and it appears that no similar

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Should You Announce Your Divorce or Separation on Facebook?

  Announcing a divorce or separation on Facebook or other social media is becoming more and more common.  In November, racing sensation Danica Patrick used Facebook to announce that she was separating from her husband by posting “I am sad

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Facebook is a Trap for Litigants

Facebook is a trap for people involved in domestic relations litigation. If you are getting divorced or litigating in Family Court you should stay off of Facebook. At the least, you should not post anything related to your case or

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Facebook as a Source of Information

If you cannot stay off of Facebook while you are involved in a domestic relations legal matter you should not post anything on Facebook. If you have to post something, at the very least you should not post anything related

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Find My Phone

Apple’s iPhones are sold on prolific numbers and marketed upon their many features that are meant to make our lives easier or just amuse us. One iPhone feature, which is not pitched as a selling point, is an app called

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